Feb 21 2024


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Same Food & Autistic Wellness

Presented by Laura Hellfeld, RN, MSN, PHN

Same foods, or our favourite foods, are the foods that Autistics have a close personal relationship with (I can feel myself starting to smile thinking of mine). We tend to eat our same foods often. Maybe every day or more than once a day and often in a very specific context.

In this upcoming chat, we will be discussing how same food is a core trait in the Autistic community and incredibly tied to our mental and physical wellness. 

All too often our food choices are discussed solely from a deficit lens. Or people assume that there can only be negative in what they see as limited. But what if we flipped that lens and looked at Autistic food choices as ones that can also bring joy, comfort and physical wellbeing. These food choices are our way to help manage day-to-day demands, higher rates of co-occurring medical conditions and act as accommodations with accessing public spaces and school. 

In order to support a community during the tricky times, we need to learn about what wellness means to them and what inherent traits we can work alongside with to create plans of care.

During our time together, I will also be sharing anecdotes and drawings from Autistic participants who have attended my webinar ‘Same Food as Self Care’. Their experiences will help showcase how these adults have been able to take meaningful steps of self-care when they learned that it was ok to embrace their Autistic trait of same food.


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About Laura Hellfeld

Laura Hellfeld is a neurodivergent (Autistic, PDA & ADHD) health care professional, consultant and advocate. Her education includes a Masters in Nursing (RN, MSN), licensure in Public Health Nursing (PHN) and certification as a Sleep Consultant. She works as an independent Nurse Consultant to support their neurodivergent community. This includes individuals, families and professionals at school settings, charities and businesses. Laura specializes in PDA, distress behaviours and self-care like eating and sleep. She is also passionate about supporting Autistic mental health by helping build in-person and online community spaces. Laura is also an Editor of the upcoming magazine publication, Autistic Revolution.