Do you know what a parent feels when their child won’t eat?

The fear. The frustration. The confusion—what am I doing wrong? The desperation—why can’t I find someone to help?

Pediatric feeding disorder (PFD) is still a new term for many, but for parents and families who have kids who struggle—the anxiety and worry are all too familiar. Children may struggle to eat for days, weeks, or months. For children with PFD, mealtimes that should lead to nourishment and connection become the source of fear and distress.

Families aren’t getting the help they need.

Pediatric Feeding Disorder is more prevalent than many other serious childhood ailments such as autism or cerebral palsy—1 child in 37 between 1 and 5 years old could be diagnosable. Yet as feeding therapy professionals, we’ve learned a hard truth: many professionals—even pediatricians!—aren’t trained to diagnose or help effectively.

It’s why we founded the Chicago Feeding Group.

As therapists, we’ve seen the challenge firsthand, and we have a vision and a plan to equip more professionals to meet the need and get families the help they need. Would you join us?