Consider donating to the Chicago Feeding Group.

Feeding challenges affect the entire family. When children struggle to eat as expected, stress, fear, and anxiety disrupt a family’s ability to share joyful mealtimes and support a child’s growth. Parents and families NEED support, especially during this pandemic, when stress is magnified and joy seems to be harder to come by. 

We provide:

  • Virtual family support groups
  • Virtual forums for families to come together to find connection and information
  • FREE access to educational webinars for families and students.

Your support can enable families of children with feeding challenges to access this life-changing support.

New in 2022: In addition to our current efforts, CFG is launching local community outreach and education workshops. We will provide two-hour workshops to IL Early Intervention agencies and other regional organizations in an effort to accelerate identification and initiation of treatment for children with feeding challenges. This will provide critical support and access to care for countless children and their families.

All of your donations go directly to fund our initiatives. 

Donate to support family participation in support groups: 

  • $20 pays 50% tuition for one family
  • $40 pays full tuition for one family
  • $80 pays full tuition for two families
  • $120 pays full tuition for three families
  • $500 enables TWELVE FAMILIES to access professional support and bring joy back to mealtimes!

Donate to sponsor our CFG community workshops:

  • $200 sponsors one two-hour workshop
  • $400 sponsors two two-hour workshops
  • $1000 sponsors five two-hour workshops

Or, give whatever feels comfortable for you this year. Big or small, your support means the world to us. If you would like to fund a specific initiative in another way, please reach out here.

  • Want donate your time and expertise? We’d love to have you! Reach out here.

The Chicago Feeding Group is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of parents, students, and professionals. We work to raise awareness so children with a pediatric feeding disorder can get help sooner, have access to therapy and other supportive services, including through the IL Early Intervention program, and so medical providers understand the critical need to focus on building stronger relationships between parents and children through family-centered care.